When You Wish Upon a Star

18 Aug

A jar of star wishes is the perfect gift to show someone you love that you are always there for them. You can also create a jar of wishes filled with messages that inspire you to meet your goals or lift you up when you are down.

The first step is to write out a number of inspirational sayings or quotes onto strips of paper. Next, follow the steps in the pictures to fold each of the strips into origami stars (for additional help google how to make origami stars). Now they are officially wishes!! Finally, place your wishes in a “kreative” container to display. I took a simple jar, placed a coffee filter over it and attached a hair tie to hold it on top.

Whenever you are feeling low or are in need of encouragement, reach into the jar and pull out a wish. This is a great way to remind yourself, or someone else, of those things that we too quickly forget whenever we are feeling confused, scared, nervous or sad. 🙂


Picture This

17 Aug

I’m brewing ideas for a photo shoot with the girls next week. All in favor of seeing Peter Pan and Captain Hook (Tilly playing the part of Tinkerbell) say, “I”. All in favor of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears say, “It’s just right”!

The Wonder of WubbaNub

8 Aug

WubbaNub equals life savor! The WubbaNub is a Soothie pacifier connected to what looks like the mini beanie babies that were in McDonald’s happy meals about ten years ago. So many times pacifers pop out of a baby’s mouth and you wish someone would invent something to keep this from happening. Well look no further. The weight of the bean animal keeps the pacifier from falling out of the infants mouth and also gives them something to hold onto that isn’t easy to lose. There are so many animals to choose from but I recommend one with four legs so it can lay flat comfortably on the child. Marla and Keira love these WubbaNubs and so will you!

A Wise Man Once Said

20 Jul

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

-Albert Einstein

Something New to Chalk About

13 Jul

Time to make some homemade chalk! First, you need to find something to use as a mold for your chalk. I would suggest using a tissue roll or paper cup. Next, if your using something without a bottom for the mold make sure to seal the bottom with duck tape leaving only one open end. Now, line the inside of your mold with wax paper. The best way to line your mold, is to roll the wax paper tightly, and then place it in the mold and use your fingers to spread it out.

Next, take a bowl and mix 1 cup of Plaster of Paris with 3/4 of water. Then, you need to add your coloring, do this by adding about 3 tablespoons of whatever color tempera paint you desire your chalk to be into the mixture. After you mix in the color, let it stand for a few minutes. Once a few minutes have passed, take a plastic spoon and scoop your mixture into the upright molds. Make sure to gently tap the mold on a surface so that the mixture settles down and eliminates air bubbles.

Leave your chalk molds out to dry overnight. Once they are dry, take your chalk out of the molds, and let it dry for another night. After they are completely dry, head outside and get “kreative”!! 🙂


8 Jul

What’s wrong with this picture?

I guess we are teaching children to drive and text.

A Cray’n Good Time

7 Jul

A fun and “kreative” art project to do with your child is crayon art. First, you need to find a suitable canvas for your masterpiece. I chose the back of a paper plate because it is thick, but any kind of card stock is good to use too, just try to avoid anything with wax coating. Next, draw a pattern of your choosing, pressing firmly with a crayon. Eventually, this pattern will be covered with black crayon which will be scraped away to reveal portions of your pattern. Try to think about your end design when coming up with the pattern. After you finish your pattern, take a black crayon and color over everything! Again, make sure you color hard, to the point of almost breaking the crayon. 🙂

Once you have colored everything black, get “kreative”! You can create any design you want, such as a picturesque landscape, a favorite quote or even just some doodling. To create your design scrape away portions of the black crayon, revealing your original pattern below. Try using different objects to create different textures and effects in removing the black crayon. I used the back of a pen cap but other ideas are a marker cap (for perfect circles), a coin, paper clip or anything you can find! When you are done you can do anything with your art. I decided to punch a hole at the top of mine, put a string through it, and hang it in the laundry room.

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