1st Birthday Love Letter

10 Dec


Dear Landon,

Happy First Birthday!

Phew, you survived. 🙂

I can’t believe how this year has flown by. I wish I could rewind time and replay it, just to soak it all in again. I truly don’t know how I lived without you. To be honest, I’m struggling to find the words to articulate how amazing it has been this past year with you in the world. No words are worthy to express my feelings for you. To call you a blessing is an understatement. You are a miracle from God and I see His love shine through you each and every day. I’m so grateful He blessed me to be your mommy and I pray that I am able to continue to help you grow and learn to appreciate the miracle of life. Someday when you read this, you might not care about this 1st birthday milestone with a list of “your firsts” but even if you gloss over a majority of it, the most important thing I want you to take from this note is that I love you.

Three simple words with endless meaning. If you break down the sentence, you can see the beauty in it. “Love”, being in the center, is the core and foundation but it doesn’t mean much standing by itself. Yet when supported by the “I” and “you” on either side it becomes one of the most important and meaningful expressions between two people.

Love is so powerful because it’s something you don’t choose; it is something that happens. It isn’t one thing. It is million little things that add up, day in and day out, and tie people together— and it grows. It is something that holds your heart, mind and body. It can move mountains and is the closest thing we have to touching the hand of God. I love you more than anything. My love for you is timeless. I would do anything for you and I always will. You are a piece of me and I will always be with you. I will always love you and wanted to give you this small example to show you that love. Even with a lifetime to prove this to you, I could never fully express it.

Here are just a few of the million things I love about you in no particular order. Try not to roll your eyes at me with this gushy stuff, ok? 🙂

I love

…your joy and happiness for life.

…your head down to your toes.

…the way you sing and coo as you get up in the morning and fall asleep at night.

…how you sleep on your tummy.

…the way you make HUGE splashes in the bathtub and laugh every time because it never gets old to you.

…the way you belly laugh.

…your glowing smile.

…the way you look so adorable even when you cry.

…how you can snap right out of a cry if someone makes you laugh.

…that I can make you laugh.

…the way you get so excited when you see me come home from work.

…that you are such a happy boy.

…that you enjoy singing, playing piano, smiling, laughing, walking, and getting into things.

…that you have a lot of energy but when you go to bed, you are out like a light.

…that you love me.

…that even at the ripe old age of one, I’m already so proud of you.

…that when you fall, you get right back up.

…how you make others around you happy with your contagious smile and laugh.

…that you are persistent and curious.

…that I make you happy.

Here are some milestones, ‘firsts’ and notes about you on this first year:

  • You started smiling and laughing almost the moment we brought you home from the hospital and you haven’t stopped since.
  • So many people love and adore you.
  • You are blessed to have a large and loving family. It takes a village to help raise a child and we have the best village of people near and far.
  • You started walking at 10 months.
  • First word-BaBa. Second word-MaMa. Third word-DaDa and now it’s currently your favorite.
  • You started sleeping through the night at 5 months from 6pm-6am or 7pm-7am.
  • You love your elephant pacifier only when you sleep at night. We call it “Pachy” which is short for Pachyderm. However, we recently found out that elephants aren’t even Pachyderms, sooo…….sorry if we are misleading you already. 🙂 You also have a bear pacifier for road trips but you know it’s not Pachy. We got a new and fresh Pachy but you know it’s different and don’t like it.
  • Your first and favorite baby food were carrots.
  • You have been to Michigan a couple times to see family, the Lincoln Park Zoo, Brookfield Zoo, The Field Museum, The Chicago and Naperville Children’s Museum, Discovery World & more but I’m blanking.
  • You love your cousins Keira, Marla and Ava who was born a month ago today! Marla likes to feed you and Keira likes to teach you things like not pulling hair (we are still working on it). 🙂
  • Your favorite solid food is avocado, eggs and macaroni & cheese (with vegetables I hide in it). You don’t mind—sometimes.
  • You hate meat. You spit it out every time.
  • You love music. Whether it’s listening to it or making it yourself by singing, tapping a beat/playing drums, clapping or playing piano. You love the applause after each performance. I love that you love that.
  • You aren’t a fan of sitting still, especially being strapped in your car seat for car rides. Don’t worry, I entertain you and then you love it.
  • You love playing games with me and I love making you laugh. Your laugh is contagious and makes me laugh.
  • You are very, very strong. I sometimes call you Hercules and joke that you are already stronger than me. It secretly scares me. A lot of people tell me you are going to be an athlete.
  • You are tall for your age; 90th percentile for height and underweight for your age. However, you are perfect to me.
  • You love flirting with girls, especially girls older than you.
  • You love other little kids. When we take you to museums, you are more interested in the people than the things to play with.
  • If I had a dollar for every time someone told me you were the happiest baby they’ve ever seen, we would be rich. 🙂
  • You’re not a fan of me reading to you yet because you don’t like sitting still but even when you venture off, I keep reading and you eventually get curious and come back.
  • When I sing to you, you love petting my lips.
  • You also love pulling my hair and you’re very good at it. #Ouch. I wonder where hashtags will be by the time you read this. (Cue your eye roll here).
  • You love remotes and water bottles.
  • You love watching football with Papa. Football is the only TV program that interests you. That makes me smile.
  • You like rolling your tongue and mimicking sounds I make.
  • You love Cheerios. I repeat, love Cheerios.
  • Every night we say the prayer your Grammie Moylan made up and used to say to me. “Dear Lord Jesus, please watch over my baby boy. Keep him safe and sound, Dear Lord Jesus, may his dreams be sweet. I pray he grows up to be a spiritual Christian and live a long, happy and prosperous life. I ask this in Jesus’ name, my Lord and Savior, Amen.”
  • Some songs I sang to you while I was pregnant so I kept singing them this first year: “To Make You Feel My Love” by Adele, “Your Song” originally by the Beatles but I loved the Ellie Goulding cover during pregnancy and “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble.
  • Your first babysitter who watched you that wasn’t blood was Auntie Jenny Whitney.
  • Your favorite person is me (I’m not mad about it) then Da Da (sorry Zack, you know it’s true). You love Grammie Moylan and you ADORE your Papa Moylan. You are really attached to him and I love that you love him so much. Don’t worry, he loves you too.
  • Grammie Moylan was with me a lot while I was pregnant with you and she has watched you every day that Daddy and I have worked. She loves you very much and we are very blessed to have her. She is your angel here on earth, if you ask me.
  • Grandma Limbaugh, Grammie Moylan and Papa Moylan are your Godparents.

I know I’m missing moments not listed above so I apologize but I’m sure as I remember, I’ll add them in.

Well, Landon, during our adventure through life together, I hope to teach you some secrets along the way while you grow. First and foremost, make sure to keep God close to you and at the center of your life. Through Him you can do all things. Don’t forget it. Trust in Him and His timing. Everything happens for a reason.

You have the power to be anything and anyone you want to be. Stay kind. Stay positive. Stay persistent. Stay brave. Stay silly. Stay passionate. Be patient. Be honest. Work hard. Give freely. Love much and always make sure to tell others you love how much you appreciate them (especially your parents 🙂 ) because our time here on Earth is limited. When in doubt of anything, keep smiling and laughing. Life is too short to take it too seriously. Always remember that although Landon Oliver Limbaugh is a rather serious sounding name, your initials are still LOL and you will be a much happier person if you do.  Find the fun in everything you do. There is joy and beauty in everything around you, as long as you are willing to see it.

Remember that there is always something to be grateful for…always. Don’t let anyone steal your light or joy. Make sure to have a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone. Know that life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding is the third.

Now, go forth and set the world on fire. You have the power to change it, you know.

One more thing…

…thank you…and I love you. Mean it.

Love always and forever,



After you read this for the first time, I’ll take a hug. Am I pushing it if I want a kiss too? (Cue another eye roll, I’m sure).


Clean your room. Kidding but I’m sure you need to. Especially, since you are my son. 🙂

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  1. Joann Moylan December 11, 2014 at 4:35 pm #

    Beautiful!!! You are a wonderful writer!!! 👍 He will love reading that some day.

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