“Think Happy Thoughts”

30 Aug

Some things I did to create Neverland:

*For Tinkerbell’s wings–I mean Tilly-bell’s wings– I taped two hangers together with duck tape and then covered them with green tissue paper.

*For Tilly-bell’s hair, I cut strips of yellow construction paper, taped an “x” with two strips and then I continued making more “x”s so that there was no space in between

*Hook’s hat is a shirt with construction paper holding it together at the end.

*Hook’s white ruffed shirt is two baby bloomers.

*For Hook’s hook, I took an empty apple sauce container and taped black construction paper around it. I cut a slit in the plastic container for a thin nail filer so that Keira can hold on to that when she wears it. I then molded aluminum foil in the shape of a hook and attached it to the other little end of the nail filer sticking out.

Any questions on other parts of the scenery, don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

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