When You Wish Upon a Star

18 Aug

A jar of star wishes is the perfect gift to show someone you love that you are always there for them. You can also create a jar of wishes filled with messages that inspire you to meet your goals or lift you up when you are down.

The first step is to write out a number of inspirational sayings or quotes onto strips of paper. Next, follow the steps in the pictures to fold each of the strips into origami stars (for additional help google how to make origami stars). Now they are officially wishes!! Finally, place your wishes in a “kreative” container to display. I took a simple jar, placed a coffee filter over it and attached a hair tie to hold it on top.

Whenever you are feeling low or are in need of encouragement, reach into the jar and pull out a wish. This is a great way to remind yourself, or someone else, of those things that we too quickly forget whenever we are feeling confused, scared, nervous or sad. 🙂

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