A Cray’n Good Time

7 Jul

A fun and “kreative” art project to do with your child is crayon art. First, you need to find a suitable canvas for your masterpiece. I chose the back of a paper plate because it is thick, but any kind of card stock is good to use too, just try to avoid anything with wax coating. Next, draw a pattern of your choosing, pressing firmly with a crayon. Eventually, this pattern will be covered with black crayon which will be scraped away to reveal portions of your pattern. Try to think about your end design when coming up with the pattern. After you finish your pattern, take a black crayon and color over everything! Again, make sure you color hard, to the point of almost breaking the crayon. 🙂

Once you have colored everything black, get “kreative”! You can create any design you want, such as a picturesque landscape, a favorite quote or even just some doodling. To create your design scrape away portions of the black crayon, revealing your original pattern below. Try using different objects to create different textures and effects in removing the black crayon. I used the back of a pen cap but other ideas are a marker cap (for perfect circles), a coin, paper clip or anything you can find! When you are done you can do anything with your art. I decided to punch a hole at the top of mine, put a string through it, and hang it in the laundry room.

One Response to “A Cray’n Good Time”

  1. Jenny Whitney July 8, 2011 at 8:33 am #

    love this!

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